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How time flies!

Where does time go? Almost Christmas time again and the sun is trying to shine upon us.

Merlin our new therapist this year has settled in well and fully booked. Som has flown to the UK for new adventures with his girlfriend Laura.

Rebecca is busy with her full time position at the NZ College of Massage, part time with us here at ASM and climbing the ranks in the squash world as part of team Maurewa.

Megan Stewert has jumped on board as for the first time, we open up our bookings to Sports Relaxation Massage. We are seeing an increasing rate of pathologies induced by stress due to our fast pace society. Sports massage can sometimes be more damaging than good on a body already highly stressed and so we are seeing the demand for relaxation techniques to be applied.

I myself am back to the grind after my trip to Rarotonga. The clinic is performing at its best and we are grateful to each and every one of our clients that come through our doors whether it be once or repetitively.

Sukha Yoga on Sundays at Breathing Space Yoga in Newmarket is going really well. The 3pm beginners class followed by the level 2 class is a perfect flow for many who try both!.. check out the new page on Yoga and maybe come along!

Enjoy your Summer, soak in the warmth and may it nourish all your ailments away. Take care see you all soon!



The benefits of working with meridian channels

 The human body has a bio-energy-circulation system similar to the blood-circulation system. The bio-energy flows along 12 main channels symmetrical on each side of the body each pair being related to a specific organ. When we massage we are actually working on these channels regardless of the intention to be.


The use of dry needling in massage

As the name implies, dry needling is the physical intervention that uses dry needles to stimulate trigger points to treat neuromuscular pain and improve functional movement deficits. Trigger point dry needling, is an invasive procedure in which an acupuncture needle is inserted into the skin and muscle targeting irritable spots in skeletal muscle that are associated with a hypersensitive palpable point in a taut band known commonly as a knot.


The importance of cupping therapy

Cupping Therapy is a source of therapy to add wellness to the body using one or more cups with or without heat applied to a given region on the body. The 2016 Olympics quite accidentally made it a global topic for discussion resulting in many people running to their local TCM or Massage Therapist for its application.


Relaxation Massage, and it's place in Sports Massage

When people come to us for massage they are usually seeking some treatment work to assist with their sport whether it be for an injury, pain or maintenance work.  In most cases we can go ahead and get to the site of pain and with regular attendance we can slowly migrate to other areas of the body to treat the initial pain on a more holistic level. 

 In some cases, we may leave the site of pain altogether and work on areas contributing to the pain.


Massage for Seniors

At first people are surprised I have so many seniors come to massage especially since I do sports massage they are further surprised when I tell them how important I think it is. However, surprise is soon dispelled once I explain why.


Sports Relaxation Massage. Relaxation doesn’t need to be only skin deep. Read all about our new style of sports relaxation massage with Megan Stewert.


Sports Relaxation Massage

Sports Relaxation Massage. Relaxation doesn’t need to be only skin deep. Read all about our new style of sports relaxation massage with Megan Stewert.