"Understanding our clients beyond the pain they bring to us is our primary focus at ASM."

-Michelle Dixon, founder of Auckland Sports Massage


Auckland Sports Massage specializes in providing business for our listed Therapists and the most professional services and safe environments for our customers.

How do we do this?

For the Therapist: We do this by offering our brand to Qualified Auckland-based Therapists at a minimal monthly fee. They work for themselves representing their own brand and skill-set but reap the benefits of being profiled under a recognised brand of professional and qualified Therapists.

For the Customer: you will have the choice of browsing through our amazing Therapists to see who suits your needs. You can be assured our Therapists are highly qualified and offer safe clinic spaces in an area near you.

Our new business structure is under a trial basis so please accept our apologies for any inconveniences that may come your way.

Please refer to the Therapists Page to see more